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Name:MAC Is Love
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for those who love MAC cosmetics
This is a community for those who love Make-up, especially MAC cosmetics. A community to discuss upcoming collections, post FOTD's, ask questions, sell or swap items, and gush about your latest therapeutic retail purchase. ;)

Please, only a few guidelines to follow. We don't want chaos in here!
1) Please try to save off-topic posts for your personal journal.
2) Put all large images or extra-long entries behind a cut. It's a common courtesy for all users.
3) Absolutely NO flaming or attacking any user. Do not fuel the fire!. Be respectful, and keep the drama-llamas at bay.
4) Sale posts/Swap posts - Please do not swamp the community. Only one post per week, and deleting a post and reposting before one week is not allowed. This is not a selling community first, that's a privilege. Don't abuse it. Please, no off-topic stories in sale posts, and please list any feedback links in your post.
5) Do not disable comments. Do not delete comments. Do not delete entries.
6. Mac_Cosmetics is not responsible for any sales or swaps within the community. Please be wise when dealing with money online.


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